The Wicked Witch and her Killer Clowns


The Wicked Witch of Westminster

Teresa May – The Wicked Witch of Westminster

Her Majesty the Queen appointed the Rt Hon Teresa May MP  as Prime Minister in place of David Cameron on 13th July 2016. Mrs May (aka “The Wicked Witch of Westminster”) started forming a government that same evening and announced the first members of her cabinet  on 14th July 2016.  It was immediately clear both from her speeches and her Cabinet Appointments that the Wicked Witch was going to pursue a Brexit Agenda.

The Key Brexit Cabinet Appointments

Chancellor of The Exchequer –  Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP (in place of George Osborne)

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs –  Rt Hon Boris Johnson  MPin place of Philip Hammond)

Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union – Rt Hon David Davis MPNew Department

Secretary of State for International Trade – Rt Hon Liam Fox MPNew Department

The Brexit Killer Clowns

Brexit Killer Clowns
The Wicked Witch’s Brexit Killer Clowns

The appointments of Messrs Johnson, Davis and Fox (quickly described as “the Brexit Killer Clowns) made it clear beyond peradventure that the Wicked Witch of Westminster was determined to take the UK out of the European Union regardless of the economic consequences. The choice of the expression “Killer Clowns” was taken from the sudden proliferation of anti-social behaviour originating in the USA which had spread to Europe.

See this in the Guardian: “The great clown panic of 2016: ‘​a volatile mix of fear and contagion’

The Sunderland Echo had this on 12th October 2016: “RICHARD ORD: Why Killer Clowns are just like Brexit” which concluded:-

…. Fear of Killer Clowns has probably done for the circus, what the scare stories and wild exaggerations did for our membership of the European Union. And there were no shortage of clowns to emerge out of that mess.

It was interesting that this association of Killer Clowns with Brexit was first made in a Sunderland newspaper.  Sunderland and, indeed the rest of the North East,  saw its economy wrecked by the Conservatives in the Thatcher years but was rescued to some extent by the arrival of a Nissan factory which exports throughout the EU. The people of Sunderland and the rest of the North East  have every good reason to fear Brexit.

But the wholesale relocation of asylum seekers to the cheap housing of the North East by Mrs May as Home Secretary probably impacted more on the Brexit vote.

On the same day, the New Statesman had this by Eleanor Margolis: “The only clown we should be scared of is Donald Trump – A new creepy “killer clown” craze is distracting us from the real horror in our midst“.   Well, The Wicked Witch and her Killer Clown Liam Fox are still hoping to pull a US trade deal out of the Brexit wreckage.  Some hope!

The association of the “Killer Clown” breakout with Brexit was discussed by Ian Macwhirter in the Scottish Sunday Herald on 1st January 2017: “Iain Macwhirter: 2016 – the year of the killer clowns who hijacked politics … with the white working-class as their dupes“.

It is certainly arguable that the activities of Mrs May’s Brexit Killer Clowns impacted on the resurgence of the Labour Party  and on the Wicked Witch’s failed attempt to increase her Parliamentary majority in order to push her Brexit madness through the legislature.

It remains to be seen what can be salvaged from the wreckage so far.

updated 1st August 2017