Sic Transit Teresa ?

The Gingerbread House of Commons

gingerbreadThe Wicked Witch of Westminster (aka Teresa May) will, no doubt, have read the Brothers Grimm tale of Hansel and Gretel while she was a child in the vicarage.    The witch in that story enticed children into the Gingerbread House with the intention of cooking and eating them.  Mrs May’s invitation to other parties to support her programme for government (in particular Brexit) is a similar enticement.

Fortunately, the Wicked Witch’s proposals did not tempt the opposition MP’s and none have been captured.   The Evening Standard had this: “Labour rejects Theresa May’s offer of say on policies as proof PM has ‘run out of ideas‘”.

Teresa May – The Wicked Witch of Westminster

This was The Independent report: “Tory MPs attack Theresa May after she reaches out to Labour for policy ideas – Prime Minister faces backlash for what one backbencher calls ‘this new lovefest with the benches opposite“.

The New Statesman had this: “May’s plea to Corbyn makes her look daft, but the Tories have no choice – The party needs a new narrative in which its reliance on other MPs is a feature, rather than a bug“.

The New Statesman also has this by its Editor,  Jason Cowley: “The guilty men of Brexit, Churchill, Boris Johnson, and the “bullseye of disaster” – The xenophobia during the EU referendum campaign was loathsome“.

The Guardian had this: “Corbyn rebuffs May’s offer to work together on post-Brexit policies – Tory backbenchers were also critical of prime minister’s invitation to Labour to help form cross-party consensus“.

The Guardian also had these op-eds:  (1) by Ellie Mae O’Hagen:  “Theresa May reaching out to Labour is an act of pure desperation – There are several theories as to why the prime minister is suddenly interested in cross-party ‘ideas’. None of them reflect well on her or her party“;  and (2) by Poly Toynbee: “Theresa May’s first year was awful. Her next promises far worse – The boulder of Brexit blocks her path, she can feel the Europhobes’ knives at her back, and Corbyn is waiting. The great unravelling is beginning“.

Newspaper Obituaries

The Independent has this op-ed by James Moore:  “A year on from when she first became Prime Minister, Theresa May is about to be replaced by someone even worse – Trump’s Twitter etiquette looks mild in comparison to the ideas David Davis has for Britain and Brexit. If he takes over, we should be very afraid – and he’s not even the worst option. Enter Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson“.

brexitgunThe dreadful Sun newspaper  has this political obituary by Trevor Kavanagh: “After a turbulent 12 months for Theresa May as Prime Minister, we look back on her first (and possibly last) anniversary – Upon David Cameron giving up the keys to No. 10, Britain seemed lucky to have no-nonsense Theresa May ready to jump in to serve – however a lot can change in 12 months“.

Interestingly, the efforts of the  Sun’s political obituary writer  prompted this reader comment:-

She almost managed to completely destroy herself and her party in only 49 days to try and avoid Brexit, those 49 days also clearly show that the influence of these vile gutter rags are waning day by day.  She and her party was probably only 1 week away from escaping the toxic fallout of Brexit and the destruction of their Party! Cameron and Osborne saw the writing on the wall and had to sense to clear off and start cashing in, you should have joined them Theresa“.

The Guardian reports on the possible role of a cross-party alliance against a hard Brexit:

Rebel MPs form cross-party group to oppose hard Brexit – Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna to lead ‘all-party parliamentary group on EU relations’ as Theresa May prepares to publish repeal bill this week

That may save something from the wreckage.


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