The curse of “interesting times”

The Witch and Mr Toad at the G-20

In reality this was not the G-20 meeting of former years but the G-19 sabotaged by Trump.  trumpvstoadOn his way to the G-20, Mr Toad (aka President Donald Trump) made a brief visit to Poland.  The Atlantic has this: “The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump’s Warsaw Speech.

The Washington Post has this: “Trump affirms the Polish government’s assault on democracy

Both articles are worth reading because they throw much light on Trump’s “alt-right” approach to international relations.

The Atlantic also has this about the G-20 meeting itself: “Merkel’s Impossible Role at the G20 Summit“.

The Observer has this:  “‘Face like thunder’: how the mood soured at Donald Trump’s first G-20 – Anger at US president rejection of Paris climate accord and clashes over Washington’s stance on trade made for a fractious meeting“.

The Sunday Telegraph has this: “Theresa May plays G-20 Trump card in attempt to quell Tory rebellion“.

The Sunday Times reports (from behind a paywall) “Donald Trump throws Theresa May a lifeline with trade deal – Remainers plot to sabotage Repeal Bill (£).”  Key points:-

  • Theresa May claimed last night that plans for a trade deal with America had put Brexit back on track and she also said that China, Japan and India also wanted to do deals. 
  • Anti-Brexit MPs and peers said they would try to derail the “Great Repeal Bill”, to be published this Thursday.

However, The Independent has this: “UK trade deal with the US will not make up for the damage caused by Brexit, Justice Secretary David Lidington says – Admission comes hours after Donald Trump said ‘very, big big’ UK-US trade deal would be completed ‘very, very quickly’“.

Will The Wicked Witch Survive?

ww-westminsterThe Daily Mail has this: “May must quit now, says chief Davis ally: Devastating attack by former Chief Whip as ‘kamikaze’ hardliners move against the PM“.

The Sunday Times also has (behind its paywall) an op-ed by Adam Bolton: “Rivals keep May on life support rather than risk being snuffed out by voters (£)

The Evening Standard has this: “Pressure mounts on Theresa May after former chief whip’s ‘she’s dead in the water’ claim“.

The Independent has this op-ed by John Rentoul: “The Cabinet is going to split over Brexit – and no one can predict what happens after that – How Brexit may never really happen: we could just move from half in to half out“.

The Observer has this: “German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit negotiations – Bosses say the priority is to protect the single market, dashing hopes that exporters will put pressure on Merkel for a favourable trade deal“.

also this op-ed by Nick Cohen  “One by one, Brexit’s ‘salvations’ are seen to be illusory – All the pre-referendum claims made for our future trading position within Europe are now exposed as so much hot air

In a memoir published in 1949 Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen, a former British Ambassador to China, mentions that before he left England for China in 1936, a friend told him of a Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.  

May is living in interesting times



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