Brexit Threatens Economic Disaster

30 June 2017 

The Independent has this: “Britain’s Political Revolution: how Brexit, immigration and housing became flashpoints of change”  in which Patrick Cockburn makes some interesting points about the election result in Canterbury where the Labour Candidate ousted Sir Julian Brazier who had served 30 years as the Conservative MP and who strongly backed the Leave Campaign.

ww-westminsterThe Independent also reports this: “Theresa May should quit by end of next year to allow a different Tory leader to complete Brexit, says Nicky Morgan – Many Conservative MPs think the Prime Minister would be going already if there was an obvious successor“.

The article makes the following points:-

  •  Theresa May should leave Downing Street by the end of next year to allow a different leader to complete Brexit;
  • Almost all Tory MPs agree that the Prime Minister must fall on her sword before the next general election, scheduled for 2022.  Many think she would be going already if there was an obvious successor, but there is no alternative leader likely to revive the party’s fortunes, they believe;
  • Both Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, provoke huge suspicion on the Tory benches; but
  • The other leading contenders, Chancellor Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, favour a softer Brexit – so would struggle to convince the Tory faithful.

However, James Forthsyth wrote in the Spectator: “To save the Tories and boost her own legacy, Theresa May must stay – She needs to reshuffle her team to give everyone who will run for leader a serious frontline job“.

While the Guardian had this: “The Tories need a lot more than a new driver for their clapped-out machine – Only a complete makeover can revive a party that has given up fighting for its core beliefs. Without fresh ideas, they might as well hand the keys to Corbyn“.

1st July 2017

The Torygraph Telegraph had this: “City must come first in Brexit, May told” which at long last pointed out the implications for the economy of the May approach to Brexit and the BBC reported “Theresa May has ‘hamstrung’ David Davis in Brexit talks

At last the penny is beginning to drop:  The Wicked Witch’s approach to Brexit is very dangerous indeed.

2nd July 2017


Last year The New Statesman had this very striking cover for its 17th July 2016 issue with this article by Ed Smith entitled  The Brexit Plague“.  

His article included these powerful observations:

We once imagined, ironically, that the Brexit movement would be vulnerable to cynical exploitation by careerist politicians who were keen to make a name for themselves. They would climb aboard the Brexit bus, take an easy ride, and get off higher up the mountain. Quite the reverse

Politicians have not ridden to power on the back of Brexit; Brexit has ridden to power on the back of them, breaking them in the process.  Like a superbug, Brexit inhabits its host spokesmen and women before choking the life out of them.   The illness takes a horrible course, first imbuing the victim with great energy and enthusiasm, as though the ailment was in fact a cheering tonic. Then, at the peak of Brexit bounce, when the victim’s mood seems most adulatory, despair and withdrawal set in.“.

The Independent has this: “Brexit: Theresa May ‘could walk out of negotiations’ over EU’s divorce bill – Move is designed to play well at home” – also this: “Theresa May’s approval ratings continue to fall as Jeremy Corbyn surges ahead – The Labour leader has opened up a 24 point lead over the Prime Minister

brexitgunThe Guardian has this: “Poll finds that 60% of Britons want to keep their EU citizenship – Cultural and business leaders join campaign to keep rights to live and work in Europe” also this: “PM’s European court stance has ‘hamstrung’ Brexit negotiations – Theresa May’s decision to exit ECJ has made David Davis’s job much more difficult, says former chief of staff“.

The Torygraph (aka The Telegraph) has this: “Remain ‘would win Brexit referendum if held now’”   Key points:

  • The Survation survey showed a clear majority of Britons (54%) would vote to Remain in the European Union if another referendum was held while 46% would back Brexit.
  • The Survation survey also showed a majority (55%) want a cross-party coalition of parties to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU, compared to less than a third (32%) who think it should fall to the Tory minority Government alone.
  • However, a majority (36%) said the best outcome would be to stop exit talks altogether and work to stay in the EU, while around a third (32%) backed paying a fee for access to the tariff-free customs union. 
  • Less than a quarter (24%) support the Government’s current strategy of leaving the customs union in order to strike free trade deals with other countries, as Labour signalled its strongest backing for staying in the bloc yet.

Paul Goodman on the Conservative Home website writes this whinge: “Wanted: a revived campaign for Brexit of all parties and none. Without it, Remain may snatch victories from defeat“.   Goodman also writes this: “Our survey. Party member confidence in a Conservative majority at the next election plummets“.  Poor Paul Goodman – The Conservative Home website is disgracefully pro-Brexit.

The Independent has this by the Labour MP for Ilford North, Wes Streeting: “Why I went against Jeremy Corbyn and supported yesterday’s amendment to remain in the single market – The single market harmonises regulations and means there are no barriers to trade; it’s crucial for the economy and protects workers and we must fight to stay in“.

4th July 2017

Yesterday, The New Statesman had a devastating assessment of Teresa May’s position by Ed Smith which is well worth reading: “The Brexit plague – Theresa May is just the latest victim of a virulent political malady that has already destroyed David Cameron and destabilised Britain“.

  • “Ironically, by trying to turn the election into a vote of confidence in her competence, May in fact made it less likely that she would become the personification of Brexit.”
  • “The Brexiteers, most of them Conservatives, created the mess. Their relentless obsession with Europe pressed David Cameron into holding a referendum. Strands of the Leave campaign pandered to mob elements that they then couldn’t appease. 
  • If Brexit does turn into a disaster movie, who would be a suitable protagonist? It is hard to escape the logic that the most apposite outcome – even if it is unappealing, especially for the long-term health of the nation – is that Brexit should be delivered by those who initially won the popular argument.  When the mood turns, however, the same movement that craved a populist hero will need a panto villain.  Step forward, Boris Johnson: your country needs you,”

 The Torygraph Telegraph has this (alas behind its paywall): “Brexit is a ‘disastrous creature’ the EU ‘did nothing to stop’, says Malta PM Joseph Muscat“.

Brexit BusThe Independent has this: “Brexit: Vote Leave chief who created £350m NHS lie on bus admits leaving EU could be ‘an error’ Dominic Cummings also described the referendum as a ‘dumb idea’ – shaping up to be a ‘guaranteed debacle“.

Also this: “Theresa May now second most unpopular Tory in Cabinet after support in party collapses – Party members turn against the Prime Minister after her general election disaster“.   The story is based on the outcome of a Conservative Home poll “Our Cabinet League Table. May endures a record fall – from top to second bottom“.

  • May falls from first and a score of 89.1 into negative territory: -26.1.  That’s 137 points shredded in a single go.  Party members want her out as leader – though not yet

Another Conservative Home survey has this: “Our snap survey. Two in three Conservative Party members say that May should announce her resignation“.

The Guardian has these stories:-

(1) “Hard Brexit ‘means people fleeing UK’, Jeremy Hunt note says – Health secretary photographed holding paper that appears to suggest fears of mass exodus from Britain once it leaves the EU

(2) “Bad Brexit deal would be disaster for NHS, says Jeremy Hunt – Health secretary accuses some of 27 EU member states ‘lined up against us’ of wanting Britain to fail in negotiations

(3) Also this opinion piece by Polly Toynbee: “Their Brexit delusions could yet destroy the Tories – As reality bites, Conservative Euro-fever continues to rage, with pros and antis both rampant. Labour must stand by but prepare to step in“.

The problem is, of course, that the Conservative Brexit delusions will also wreck our economy.

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