A Softer Brexit Approach?

A Brexiteer Own Goal 

leadsomThe Independent has this: “Brexit: Andrea Leadsom’s calls for broadcasters to be more patriotic branded ‘sinister’ by Tim Farron – This isn’t a George Orwell book. She needs to apologise for these comments and realise what she said was frankly stupid“.

The article has an embedded video of the exchange between Ms Leadsom, prominent in the Leave Campaign and presently the Conservative Leader of the House of Commons, and Ms Emily Maitlis,  the very effective BBC Newsnight presenter.

The Wikipedia page for Ms Leadsom shows that she read Political Science at Warwick University.  One might have expected that her studies would have included something about how dictators seek to control the media and why that is unacceptable in  a democracy.  Perhaps she  also missed out on the aphorism of  Dr Johnson recorded by Boswell as having been pronounced on 7th April 1775:-

patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel“.

timesbrexitclownsIt is certainly arguable that the Leave Campaign in the EU Referendum was designed and led by scoundrels, a fair number of whom now infest the Wicked Witch’s unstable government.  Special mention should be made of  Mrs May’s “Brexit Clowns” – David Davis,  Boris Johnson and Liam Fox bu there others – including Mrs Leadsom.

Where do we go from here?

The Independent has this: “Hard Brexit under threat as MPs from all parties plan alliance to defeat Theresa May’s plans – ‘Certainly, the threat of losing a vote will weigh very heavily on the Government’s mind,’ says Tory MP Anna Soubry“.

Also this: “Brexit: Labour MPs back ex-Tory minister in key post to block arch-Leaver Jacob Rees Mogg – Ex-minister Nicky Morgan has been a vocal critic of Theresa May’s hard Brexit“.

The Conservative Home site has this very sensible post from Mohammed Amin, the Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum: “Mohammed Amin: The Government should now agree a Brexit position with other parties and the devolved administrations“.

UKIP2Unfortunately, the 243 comments thus far posted show how far the party activists are against such a proposal.  The voices are those of the new “Royston Vasey (Conservative) and UKIP” party.  It is unfortunate that Mr Cameron even called a referendum to placate the Brexit loons on the Conservative benches.  So Mrs May well need a cross party approach.

The Guardian has this editorial:  “The Guardian view on Brexit: Wrong then, wrong now, wrong in the future – Twelve months after the EU referendum, Theresa May’s latest Brussels trip reveals that the EU is leaving Britain behind, not the other way round“.

The Times has this leading article: “Sovereign Wealth – One year after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, voters are unconvinced of the government’s approach. A strong economy should be the priority“.

Ed West has this in The Spectator: “13 things we have learnt about Britain since the EU Referendum

The Economist has this: “Why May will have to compromise on Brexit – Negotiations begin in a very different political context“.

ww-westminsterAll of these pieces suggest that the Wicked Witch is going to have to prioritise a softer approach to the Brexit issue.  Time alone will tell whether she can achieve this by running a minority government infested with so many Brexiteers.

But if she is not up to it, both she and her party should take note of the latest polling.  The Independent has this:  “Jeremy Corbyn overtakes Theresa May for first time in poll as Labour leader becomes favourite for Prime Minister“.





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