Mrs May’s Brexit Election – Update 7



To vote in the General Election on 8 June, you need to register by 11:59 pm  today 


Ditch the Wicked Witch

Teresa May – The Wicked Witch of Westminster

The Independent had this yesterday: “Conservatives’ rebrand as ‘party of the workers’ failing as they struggle to shake off ‘nasty’ tag, poll shows – Exclusive poll shows 47 per cent of the public think Labour would best represent the working class“.

Don’t let “The Nasty Party” win this election


Pensioners – Mrs May’s Dementia & Death Tax – Pensioner Policies

The Independent had this yesterday:  “Labour are catching up with the Tories, and it’s all because of Theresa May’s self-inflicted wobble over social care  – It is baffling that the Conservative manifesto included a plan to withdraw free care visits from pensioners who own their own home“.

Today, the Independent reports: “Labour slashes Conservative by nine points in latest poll after manifesto launches“.

The Guardian had this yesterday: “Tory social care plans fail to tackle basic funding challenge, IFS says – Institute for Fiscal Studies warns of less generous system, as Labour says ‘savage attack’ on pensioners could sway election” and also this: “Jeremy Corbyn: Theresa May ‘creating war between generations’ – Labour leader calls on prime minister to drop manifesto plans to target pensions, winter fuel allowance and social care“.

Today, the same paper reports: “Theresa May under pressure over ‘dementia tax’ social care shakeup – Plan to make elderly people pay for care in their own home going down badly on doorstep say Conservative candidates“.

The Guardian’s Martin Rowson has a brilliant cartoon:  Brexit and the Tory Social Care Plans

Age UK has this: “Election 2017: Dignity in older age

On the Conservative Home website, Paul Goodman had this yesterday: “Courage means sacrifices. May pays a price for her social care plan in today’s opinion polls.”

Tyne & Wear

The Daily Telegraph has this: “Tories eye chance to ‘bury New Labour’ as support surges in the North East“.   That’s a horrible thought – but it is in the “Torygraph”.

Sunderland has been a shipbuilding town since 1346.  It used to be known as the place “Where Ships are Born”.  Between 1939 and 1945 the Wear’s  yards launched 245 merchant ships totalling 1.5 million tons, a quarter of the merchant tonnage produced in the UK during WW-2.  But post war competition from Japan and elsewhere caused a downturn in demand for Sunderland built ships.  The postwar Conservative governments gave no help to the shipyards any more than to the mines in the surrounding towns and villages.   The only good thing of any real note in Sunderland was the arrival of the Nissan Factory.

It is to be hoped that voters in Sunderland and its hinterlands,  who have suffered so greatly under successive Conservative governments  will bear in mind what is likely to happen if the Nissan Factory is a victim of Brexit – see the post yesterday.

This article in the Sunderland Echo is a little helpful: “How North East voters have reacted to policies announced so far in the General Election“.

Tories Cannot Be Trusted

This article in the Manchester Evening News may bring back some memories of the Thatcher years: “Remembering the Miners Strike 30 years on“.   Likewise this in The Guardian: “During the miners’ strike, Thatcher’s secret state was the real enemy within – The Tory leader’s eagerness to brand not only miners’ leaders but the Labour party as enemies of democracy was a measure of her extremism and determination for class revenge“.

It wasn’t just the militarised police occupation of the coalfields; the 11,000 arrests, deaths, police assaults, mass jailing and sackings; the roadblocks, fit ups and false prosecutions – most infamously at the Orgreave coking plant where an orgy of police violence in June 1984 was followed by a failed attempt to prosecute 95 miners for riot on the basis of false evidence….It’s that under the prime minister’s guidance, MI5, police Special Branch, GCHQ and the NSA were mobilised not only to spy on the NUM on an industrial scale, but to employ agents provocateurs at the highest level of the union, dirty tricks, slush funds, false allegations, forgeries, phoney cash deposits and multiple secretly sponsored legal actions to break the defence of the mining communities.A generation on, it is clear that the miners’ strike was more than a defence of jobs and communities. It was a challenge to the destructive market and corporate-driven reconstruction of the economy that gave us the crash of 2008. The outcome of the dispute brought us to where we are today: the deregulated, outsourced, zero-hours world of David Cameron’s Britain.”

The Wicked Witch’s lead has shrunk

Can people really think that Teresa May, the Wicked Witch of Westminster, the nastiest Home Secretary since “Something of the night – vampire, Michael Howard“, is to be trusted to look after our interests ?  The latest YouGov figures suggest that the Wicked Witch’s lead has shrunk to 9 points – “Voting Intention: Conservatives 44%, Labour 35% (18-19 May)” – the lowest since the campaign began.  But, alas, the Wicked Witch is still ahead.







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