Mrs May’s ‘Vanity Election’

Decline in support for the Wicked Witch

According to the most recent Com-Res poll reported in the Independent:

  • The Conservatives still have an 18-point lead, suggesting Theresa May is heading for a majority of 144 seats, the same as Margaret Thatcher’s in 1983.
  • But the Tory lead has been cut from the huge 25-point advantage in the last ComRes poll three weeks ago.
  • The Conservatives are on 48 per cent (down two), Labour on 30 per cent (up five), Liberal Democrats on 10 per cent (down two) and Ukip on 5 per cent (down two).
  • most voters, 53 per cent, “would expect to pay more tax if the Conservatives win the general election than if Labour win it”.

The Guardian has this warning from Gordon Brown: “Theresa May will cause more poverty than Thatcher, Gordon Brown warns – Former prime minister says Tory policies will reverse progress made in tackling poverty under Labour“.

Wicked Witch Brexit Gun

There is little doubt that a majority of voters would be better off under a Labour government than under the Wicked Witch’s  Conservative & UKIP regime which would seek to reward millionaire supporters like Jeremy Hosking with tax breaks – see this in the Guardian: “Millionaire Brexit donor targets 140 remain MPs in general election – Financier Jeremy Hosking takes aim at Labour heartlands and says he wants no backsliding on Europe“.

The Guardian’s Economic Editor writes: “Is Labour’s manifesto living in fantasy land? Quite the opposite – Imperfect it may be, but Labour’s manifesto recognises the economic status quo can’t be kept going for much longer“.  The conclusion of  Mr Elliott’s article puts the case very well:-

Think about this for a moment. Real incomes are falling. Inequality is rising. The NHS  is kept going on a wing and a prayer. The economy is barely rising despite more than eight years of unprecedented stimulus from the Bank of England. Personal debt is heading back towards its previous record levels. International co-operation has rarely been weaker. There is a profound disconnect between the financial markets, where asset prices regularly scale new heights, and the state of the real economy.

Now ask yourself this. If any of the above rings true, what is the real fantasy: Labour’s idea that income, wealth and power should be a bit more evenly distributed or the idea that the current state of affairs can be sustained for very much longer?

A Coronation for the Witch?

Teresa May – a bit brassy & thinks she’s a sovereign

The Guardian has this article on the Witch’s Campaign strategists: “Who is behind the Tory election campaign? – From Lynton Crosby to lesser-known Westminster strategists, here are the people with the ear of Theresa May”.   The participation of the odious Sir Lynton Crosby – see his Wikipedia entry – is a guarantee that every possible dirty trick will be used by the May campaign.

The Independent has this: “If Corbyn has ‘deserted’ the working class, what exactly have the Tories been doing for the past seven years? – Over her time in government, May has consistently voted against the interests of those from lower socioeconomic groups“.

Calling a general election at this time was unnecessary.  Funnily enough, the Sun (hardly a Labour supporting paper) has this: “Angry Tory MPs hit out at Theresa May’s ‘unnecessary’ snap election as they fear Lib Dem fightback will see them lose seats“.

True enough.  This has been the shortest Parliament for 45 years.  There was no need for it.  It is a “vanity election”.

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