May’s Conservative & UKIP Party

The Conservative & UKIP Party

The Financial Times has this: “Honorary consuls struggle with Brexit caseload – Volunteers inundated with queries about EU passports and UK residency” – it’s quite a fun read, but we can understand that all these people are listening posts for their respective governments and they will be hearing of the distress being caused to many EU nationals – not least by the notorious 85 page form described in this FT article: “EU citizens face 85-page ‘nightmare’ Brexit Britain form – Foreigners living in UK left in ‘limbo’ by onerous red tape for residence“.

The Guardian has this opinion piece: “The Tories beat Ukip. But they must not become Ukip – in winning over the populist right, Theresa May must not allow her party to be infected by their ugly and divisive politics“.  Good advice – but given too late.

brexitgun Therefore it was good to see the Brexit Gun photograph on the front page of yesterday’s Independent as a link to this:  “Third of people considering tactical voting at general election to block Tories’ hard Brexit, poll reveals – Exclusive: Backers of system say move could seriously derail Theresa May’s landslide”  The article suggests that many voters would be willing to vote tactically to avoid May’s UKIP style “hard brexit” leaving the UK outside the single market and the customs union and it refers specifically to the Open Britain website.

The Independent has an article: “Nigel Farage says Teresa May is winning because she has stolen all his policies“.   For once, the odious Farage may be speaking the truth.

The Independent also had this: “Conservatives lead over Labour narrows slightly as Theresa May’s approval rating declines – Tories heading for clear majority, according to polls, but are down from massive 24-point lead in April”

The Guardian has this: “Conservatives to retain ‘tens of thousands’ immigration pledge – Theresa May confirms promise will be in Tory manifesto despite previous failure to get anywhere near target

The present full name of the party which, unfortunately,  the Wicked Witch of Westminster now leads, is “The Conservative & Unionist Party“. Now, it has in reality become “The Conservative and UKIP Party” because the Wicked Witch is fighting the upcoming general election on a UKIP platform.

Macron is the Next President of France

8May1945The news of a successful Presidential campaign by Emile Macron against Marine Le Pen (National Front) first came last night courtesy of BBC News.  The French equivalent of UKIP lost with 33.9% of the votes against the 66.10% for President-elected Macron.   It was good this morning to see the outgoing and incoming Presidents participating together at the ceremonies commemorating the end of WW2 in Europe on 8th May 1945.

Today, the Independent has this: “In Le Pen defeat, Europe’s far right wave crashes to a halt“.  The article points out that far right anti-immigration parties are crashing across Europe.  It is thoroughly unlikely that France’s approach to Brexit will be any more friendly with President Macron who is Europhile rather than Eurosceptic.

The Guardian reports: “UK can expect Macron to be tough on Brexit, key adviser warns – Jean Pisani-Ferry says French president-elect will not seek to punish Britain for leaving EU, but is keen to strengthen bloc“.

The Financial Times has this “Britain views Macron as a tough Brexit negotiating partner – May urges voters to give her as strong a mandate as French president-elect“.

The Evening Standard has this: “Emmanuel Macron bids to lure City bankers to Paris after sweeping to victory in French presidential race“.

It is also worth looking at this report in the Express from February this year: “Pay up Britain’ Le Pen rival Emmanuel Macron hints UK should pay for migrants in France“.

One has to treat any article in the Express with a degree of scepticism, but is it worth remembering that President-elect Macron has his principal residence in Le Touquet and he votes there in French elections.   Le Touquet is in the Pas-de-Calais Department and he has therefore every good reason to be very well informed about the pressures on the region around Calais from migrants seeking to enter the UK.  The Anglo-French Le Touquet Agreement (which provides for juxtaposed immigration controls between France and England) may well be the reason why  the Pas-de-Calais and the Nord  were the two French Departments which he did not win in the Presidential race.

Therefore it may well be that France will now wish abrogate or at least to renegotiate the Le Touquet Agreement – the more so if the UK opts for a Hard Brexit.

















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