Mrs May’s Brexit Election – Update 4

The Wicked Witch Devours UKIP

ww-westminsterHaving already broken a long established convention that local and national elections should be held separately, Teresa May, the Wicked Witch of Westminster has taken UKIP out of mainstream politics.

The BBC writes (impartially)  “Local elections: UKIP suffers big losses across England“:-  In brief:-

  • In total, UKIP lost 145 councillors and secured one seat;
  • It was wiped out in Lincolnshire, losing 13 seats, while all its nine representatives in Essex were defeated;
  • UKIP did win one seat on Lancashire County Council in a ward previously held by the British National Party;
  • In Lincolnshire, where UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall is a general election candidate for Boston and Skegness, UKIP went from being the official opposition to having no seats at all with the Conservatives taking 23 seats
  • UKIP also lost seats in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and East Sussex

UKIP2UKIP’s current leader Paul Nuttall, a former Conservative candidate in Sefton who defected to UKIP in 2004, the current MEP for North West England, and who became UKIP leader in 2016,  issued this statement:    “We are victims of our own success but a bright future still lays ahead“.

He included these assertions:

  • Our electoral success over recent years was a key driver in forcing the Conservatives to embrace our cause under a new prime minister who was campaigning for a Remain vote in the referendum a year ago.
  • Mrs May’s public dispute with the EU in recent days – which led to her speaking about standing up to Brussels in an eve-of-poll statement in Downing Street – was particularly fortuitously timed for the Conservatives
  • If the price of Britain leaving the EU is a Tory advance after taking up this patriotic cause then it is a price UKIP is prepared to pay

The New Statesman has this: “Theresa May has swallowed up Ukip – and she’s heading for a big majority” which makes these points:-

  • By donning Nigel Farage’s clothes, Theresa May has managed to take his votes, and with them, the key to Downing Street. 
  • The Tories are on  course for a blowout victory on 8 June. Its main plank is the almost wholesale absorption of the Ukip vote into the Conservative voteshare. Ukip were wiped off the map yesterday, and their votes – including much of the large number that originally voted Labour – went to the Tories.

Needless to say, the Conservatives are very happy with the outcome.  Forget the articles in the press by highly paid hacks – the editor of the influential Conservative website, Conservative Home, and former Member of Parliament for Wycombe, Paul Goodman writes this: “May’s Great Patriotic Election is now in full swing“.   He notes the outcomes and the strategy and concludes:-

All in all, there is reason at present to think that the Tory majority will be increased significantly if not substantially – maybe even sensationally.  At any rate, that’s what senior Ministers are saying in private, even if they are saying the opposite in public.

Borrowed Clothes usually do not fit

The problem with the strategy is that it depends on selling to the country a Brexit scenario borrowed from  UKIP which is not in the best interests of the United Kingdom and which has not been the policy of the Conservative Party.

If we look back at our page, The Conservative Difficulty,  it will be seen that immediately prior to the Referendum, 75% of the MP’s in Parliament were in favour of remaining in the European Union and only 25% in favour of leaving.  Of the 25% who wished to leave  – 146 in total – 130 of the 146 were Conservative MP’s.  The Cameron Referendum was a mistake and was not binding.  It was right for him to resign but it was and is wrong for the Witch to borrow UKIP’s clothes and proceed to wreck our economy to give effect to a UKIP Brexit.

This article in the Financial Times is relevant: “How the UK government is making a successful Brexit difficult“.

See also this in the Independent: “EU demands Brexit amnesty for three million citizens in UK, including people with no proof of residency  – We will not discuss our future relationship with the UK until the 27 member states are reassured that all citizens will be treated properly and humanely

The Guardian has this cartoon by Martin Rowson on the local elections:

Mrs Saturn eating her children




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