Mrs May’s Brexit Election – Update 2

The Wicked Witch’s Campaign Continues

The Torygraph Telegraph has this: “Nearly half of all Labour voters prepared to desert the party as they lose both leave and remain support“.

The article is an interpretation of polling by YouGov which the pollster discusses here: “Voter movements: Stickers, Switchers and Undecideds going into the election” which concludes that:-

  • 57% of voters intend to vote the way they did in the 2015 General Election – these are “the Stickers”
  • 22% of voters intend to vote differently “the Switchers”
  • 20% of voters are undecided or will not say how they will vote “the Undecided”.
  • 70% of Conservatives are “Stickers” but only 52% of Labour, 47% of Lib Dems and 43% of UKIP
  • Leave switchers are going overwhelmingly to the Conservatives – 57% but Remain switchers are favouring the Liberal Democrats – 43%

The Independent has this: “General election 2017: Nearly half of all Labour voters could desert party, poll shows – 48% of those who voted for Ed Miliband in the last election will be taking their votes elsewhere, as voters desert Ukip and the Liberal Democrats in even greater numbers

ww-westminster However, another poll suggested the Wicked Witch might be slipping.   See this report in the Independent:  “Conservatives lead over Labour cut by seven points ahead of general election, latest poll shows – Poll suggests somewhat tighter race than other surveys

In short, the polls are still indicating that Wicked Witch of Westminster is going into this election on a favourable wind  and the Labour Party still looks as if it is going to be the big loser.   But a big win for the Witch may very well turn out to be very bad for the country.

The Dire Effect of a Hard Brexit

The Guardian has this: “Brexit could trigger worse crash than 2008, says Vince Cable – Liberal Democrat former business secretary launches election bid with warning of dire consequences of leaving EU without a good deal

The Independent has this: “Majority of British voters believe Brexit was wrong decision, poll finds – Figures reveal 45 per cent of electorate oppose leaving the EU”  That relates to yet another You-Gov poll for The Times.

The Independent also has this: “The latest polls show most people think Brexit was a mistake. This could be a turning point – May and her Brexit-backing band have, up until now, always been able to count on the majority being in their corner. They have used it as a club in an attempt beat their opponents into submission. Majority rules! That’s going to be a lot harder to do if she’s lost the majority“.

Rescuing an Effective Opposition

corbynremThe Guardian reports: “Jeremy Corbyn election bid to promote ‘warmer’ style of leadership – Labour strategists take on Tory attacks and depict leader as willing to engage with ordinary people, in contrast to Theresa May“.

That is, perhaps, a sign of a sensible strategy developing.

It is worth referring again to something discussed on the 1st  Brexit Election Update and that is that younger voters are more likely to vote Labour and that age rather than class is now a factor that matters.  As pointed out on the May’s Brexit General Election page,  Monday 22nd May 2017 is the last day for registering to vote.  Labour, Liberal Democrats, the SNP and others should be working hard to get all eligible  (and in particular younger) voters onto the register.

 Jeremy Corbyn seems to be trying.  The Guardian has this: “Jeremy Corbyn gets personal in one-off campaign speech – Labour leader departs from usual focus on issues and policies by talking about his personal history and motivations“.

This piece by Charlie Brinkhurst Cuff in the Guardian is worthy of note: “Personal attacks on Corbyn will backfire on the Tories among the young – We recognise bullying when we see it, and we look for idealism in politicians – not the vindictiveness on display from Johnson and May“.


This piece in the Financial Times is worth reading: “Theresa May is dangerously disdainful of dissent – A thumping majority will not change Europe’s negotiating stance”  – and the posted comments make interesting reading too!




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