The UK is on the way out of the EU

The Foul Deed Is Done

ww-westminsterTeresa May (aka The Wicked Witch of Westminster) has done the foul deed and delivered the UK Article 50 Notice to the European Union.

The Independent has this by Paddy Ashdown:  “Brexit is a monumental act of self-harm which will bewilder historians – Theresa May said she enacted the ‘democratic decision of the people of the United Kingdom’. She has done no such thing. She has hijacked that decision to feed the anti-European prejudices of her own political party“.

Tim Farron has this in the Guardian: “Leavers, beware: Theresa May is offering the exact opposite of what you voted for – Quitting the single market while keeping immigration at current levels and smearing all criticism of rock-hard Brexit as treachery – that seems to be the plan“.

The Torygraph Telegraph has this:  “Nicola Sturgeon warns Brexit ‘threatens to be an act of self-harm on a scale barely understood’

but also this op-ed: ” The invoking of Article 50 was necessarily cordial. What follows may not be“.

The Torygraph is – for once – right.  The Independent has this: “Brexit latest: Francois Hollande tells Theresa May that talks on EU-UK relations must wait – French President says talks must first determine the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU”  That means that both Germany and France have rejected Mrs May’s desire to have discussions about a post Brexit trade deal simultaneously with discussions on the Brexit terms.  Live reports from a meeting in Malta are saying the same thing.

And in the first of the anticipated many fallouts, the Financial Times reports: “Lloyd’s of London picks Brussels for European base – Belgian capital chosen because of local regulators’ understanding of insurance market“.    It seems likely that the bankers will follow – they have been preparing for some time – see this in the Financial Times:  “US bankers hatch two-stage Brexit plan for City – Executives seek to win time to decide how many jobs to shift out of London“.

In short, Teresa May seems to have scored a massive own goal for Team UK




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