Time to Change to the Lib Dems?

The Swivel Eyed Loons are in Charge

Four days ago the Speaker of the House of Commons announced it and the Independent reported it:   “Brexit bill receives Royal Assent allowing Teresa May to trigger Brexit“.

The two very sensible amendments passed in the House of Lords were rejected by the House of Commons and the Lords did not maintain their opposition to the Bill and it was passed into law without the amendments.

See one of the first pages written for this blog, The Conservative Difficulty. There is set out that a BBC report showed that by  16th May 2016, only 130 Conservative MPs  had declared support for the Leave campaign while 163 supported Remain.  How could it happen that so many Conservatives have changed their position?

It can be argued that the rot within the Conservative Party actually started with Margaret Thatcher’s attempt to introduce the Poll Tax.   That is the premise of this 19th May 2015 piece in the Guardian: “Cameron had the chance to defy the ‘swivel-eyed loons’ and remake his party. He failed“.    Whether the analysis is correct or not,  the fact is that the “swivel eyed loons” are now in charge of the party and those Tories who are sane no longer dare to oppose.

Mark Wallace writing on the Conservative Home blog which was influential in turning the Conservative Party into the Brexit Party writes this: “The EU referendum’s winners and losers are still struggling to adapt to their role reversal“.

That is as may be, but what was certain by Sunday was  that the loons are taking us out of Europe and this may end with Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and possibly Northern Ireland too.

The Guardian had this: “John Major attacks ‘ultra-Brexiteers’ as undemocratic and un-British – The former prime minister accused hardline leave campaigners of ‘shouting down anyone with an opposing view’“.

The Telegraph had this: “Philip Hammond faces mutiny from Brexit ministers as Whitehall departments demand more money after Budget ‘shambles’“.    The latter article was significant.  Put bluntly, it suggests that the Brexit Departments are not even properly equipped to handle the multiple issues of the Brexit negotiations.

The Guardian/Observer also had this:  “Most Britons say Brexit vote makes break-up of UK more likely – poll – More than half of adults agree that leaving the EU puts the union in jeopardy, with the figure even higher in Scotland“.

Labour in Trouble Too

To make matters worse, the Labour Party is is in just as big a mess – it has failed to be an effective opposition over the Brexit issue and the failures are so much wider than that.  Indeed, this Guardian/Observer article highlighted the writing on the wall: “Nick Cohen – Don’t tell me you weren’t warned about Corbyn –  Jeremy Corbyn is going to bury the Labour party. If you don’t want that, do something“.

What can be done ?

There is this in the Financial Times: “Liberal Democrats start the fight to rebuild UK power base – Party is winning council seats, gaining new members and raising more money than Labour“.

Perhaps this is the the solution.

Tim Farron: Whether you support Brexit or not, Britain needs a decent opposition – Liberal Democrat leader delivers his 2017 Spring Conference speech



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