Bad Times are just around the Corner

Conservative & Unionist or Conservative & UKIP?

ww-westminsterNow that Teresa May (aka the Wicked Witch of Westminster)  is leader of the Conservative Party it is plain that the Party no longer cares about the Union of the British nations which form the UK.  See the post of 2 days ago:  Conservative & Unionist ?

The Independent has this editorial: “As Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50, she must try to keep the UK together – The UK should face the challenge of Brexit as a union – but will Scotland and Northern Ireland agree, now we know the true consequences of a hard Brexit?

The Independent bases its story on a leaked Treasury report on the consequences of a ‘hard Brexit’ – “Leaked Treasury report warns of painful ‘economic shock’ if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal – Exclusive: Report on post-Brexit economy seen by The Independent outlines ‘serious consequences’ for businesses and citizens – including higher taxes and rising food prices

What is now becoming clear is the clowns the Wicked Witch has appointed to manage the inane Brexit process are not prepared for the fall-out which is likely to occur.

Parliamentary Ping Pong

The Witch’s Brexit Clowns

David Davis, the clown who is Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, was on yesterday’s  Andrew Marr Show.  Holders of UK TV licences who missed the live transmission can see it on the BBC i-Player here:  The Andrew Marr Show of 12 Feb 2017.   In default of that, there are good accounts in the press.  See the Financial Times: “Davis urges Tories not to ‘tie Theresa May’s hands’ on Brexit – Cross-party report criticises government for not preparing for talks to fail“.

This morning the Telegraph reports: “David Davis issues last-minute warning to Tory rebels not to sabotage Article 50 Bill amid fears Brexit could end up in courts“.   This is all about the Parliamentary ping pong due to start this week on the two amendments which the House of Lords made to the Article 50 bill.  These two amendments vastly improve the Bill but, of course, the Witch and her Brexit Clowns wish the Commons to vote them down.

David Davis writes in the Telegraph: “We cannot allow Parliament the chance to veto Brexit“.   In other words “this is a matter for the Executive not for Parliament” which is precisely what the Supreme Court said it was not.  It will be interesting to see whether there are a sufficient number of Conservatives in the Commons prepared to abstain – or better to vote against the Government – in spite of all the bullying from the Government and their whips.

The Guardian has this cartoon:

Ben Jennings  on David Davis’s  Brexit Warning

The Guardian also has this: “No-deal Brexit ‘would put UK in worst trading position of rich nations’ – Research finds no G20 countries interact with EU without arrangements over trade, as UK could do if it leaves without deal“.  It also has this editorial: “The Guardian view on the Brexit negotiations: no deal is not an option -Mrs May pretends she is ready to crash out of the EU. That would be a catastrophe “.

The Financial Times has this: “Theresa May on brink of triggering Article 50 – Rebel MPs admit they are unlikely to block prime minister over starting Brexit process“.

In other words:

Noel Coward – There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner

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