Brexit Strategy Questioned

Teresa May’s Brexit Strategy

may99The Spectator’s Political Editor has written this: “Theresa May’s new third way – The Prime Minister is trying to steer a path between globalism and nationalism“.  It’s an attempt to suggest that Mrs May’s strategy is “designed for a nationalist vs globalist era. Her response isn’t to embrace either extreme, but to try to chart a third way between them. She wants to be the politician who squares the circle, who makes globalisation work for those who feel left behind by the current system. Nationalistic enough to speak to her country’s concerns; globalist enough to make Brexit Britain a champion of free trade and an international success“.  It’s well worth reading – if only for the rather splendid accompanying cartoon.

Regrettably, Mr Forsyth’s  proposition fails.  Teresa May (aka the Wicked Witch of Westminster) is not seeking to steer between globalism and nationalism. She has but one strategic approach which has been to implement the referendum result and take the UK out of the European Union thus persuading the Eurosceptic Loons in the Conservative Party to give their support to her government and thus also persuading the electors to support the Conservative Party rather than UKIP.

May as the Wicked Witch of Westminster

Teresa May was elected to Parliament in May 1997.  She remained on the back benches for only two years.  While the Conservatives were in opposition she served in the shadow cabinets of William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Howard and David Cameron.  She was Home Secretary from May 2010 until she became Prime Minister succeeding poor David Cameron.  She was one of the toughest Home Secretaries in living memory and, in particular, resolutely anti-immigrant.

It is worth reminding ourselves of Mrs May’s outrageous speech on immigration at the 2015 Conservative Party Conference which is reported by the Independent here: “What Teresa May said in her infamous speech to Tory conference“.  Put shortly, Teresa May has a thoroughly nasty approach to immigration, asylum, human rights, refugees and free movement.  That is why she is plotting to take the UK out of Europe and to set up fortress Britain – even if it means wrecking the economy.

There Will Be Consequences

The Financial Times reports John Major’s  Views:  “Major warns May of fickle allies who want EU ‘total divorce’ – Former prime minister says Britain made ‘historic mistake’ with vote to leave“.

The Independent has this: “John Major’s opinion on the UK’s relationship with the EU deserves to be listened to – he’s the only one who made a success of it“.

Likewise Lord Heseltine is in the FT: “Michael Heseltine to the Brexit barricades – Defiance is an important signal that the Lords will give the prime minister trouble

The British Chambers of Commerce are also concerned:  See this BBC Report “Delay Brexit if no trade deal reached, say business leaders“.

Alas, with  the Wicked Witch in command,  the ship of state is heading full speed ahead for the rocks.



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