The Perils of kissing Toads

More on Mr Toad’s State Visit

may99The Wicked Witch of Westminster (aka Teresa May) seems quite determined to persist in having Mr Toad (aka Donald Trump) come to England.  This despite the certainty that any Trump visit will provoke massive protests from the public.  Those of us (just 1.8 million people) who signed the petition calling for the visit to be cancelled are to be disregarded.

Apparently neither the Petition, nor the 30,000 people who demonstrated in Whitehall,  managed to persuade the Prime Minister to think again.

The Guardian has this: “UK government says Trump will receive ‘full courtesy’ of state visit – Response to petition calling for cancellation of visit signed by 1.8m people says No 10 does not support their view

 The article also reports: “On Friday, Westminster sources told the Guardian the government was seeking to avoid a snub by scheduling Trump’s visit for late August or September, when parliament would not be sitting. Officials are also said to be keen to reduce the president’s public exposure generally during the visit, in order to minimise the opportunities for protest.
As discussed yesterday  it was being suggested that the event might be visited upon the people of Birmingham.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft writes in the Guardian: “Will Trump’s presidency finally kill the myth of the special relationship? – Ever since Winston Churchill invented it in 1946, successive prime ministers have discovered that the bond between the US and UK is anything but sacred. So, why does this absurd idea refuse to go away?

This is a long and very persuasive article and its conclusions are compelling:-

  • Now the British government is engaged in what is likely to be a very difficult divorce that threatens to turn downright nasty, and one in which, whatever ministers or tabloids may say, our erstwhile European allies hold most of the cards. The Daily Mail may harbour the fantasy that May’s friendship with Trump has “foreshadowed a dramatic shift in the balance of global trade” that will send our EU exes into spasms of jealousy. But what has Trump done that might possibly be considered helpful to the British?
  • And in any case, how can it possibly be in our interests to bind Britain to a man who is so obviously temperamentally unsuited for high office?
  • It is not Trump’s repellent personal conduct that should worry Theresa May, or even his hateful attitudes, so much as the glaring fact that he is the most unstable and irrational leader of a great power for perhaps a century.

Trouble Back at Toad Hall


A CBS Reporter recently commenced the evening newscast with the observation: “It has been a busy day for Presidential statements divorced from reality.”  Well, this time there has been a Presidential Statement with some reality reported in the Telegraph:  “Michael Flynn resigns as Donald Trump’s national security adviser over contacts with Russian officials

Tucked away towards the end of the report, there was this:-

Sally Yates, the then-acting US attorney general, told the White House late last month she believed Mr Flynn had misled them about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador, current and former US officials told the Washington Post on Monday….She said Mr Flynn might have put himself into a compromising position, possibly leaving himself vulnerable to blackmail, the officials said.  Ms Yates was later fired for opposing Mr Trump’s temporary entry ban for people from seven mostly Muslim nations.”

Mrs May may well have been induced into the belief  that Mr Trump would rescue her from the perils of the Brexit Beasts – but the moral of the story is that kissing toads does not always produce a handsome prince.

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