Is a Trump visit now inopportune?

Mr Toad and his Travel Ban

mr-toadThe Torygraph has this: “Parliament set to debate Donald Trump’s UK state visit after petition to cancel it gets more than 900,000 signatures“.  Also this: “When even men who risk their lives for the US are denied entry, the dream of America is dead”  Also this: “Sir Mo Farah relieved to be allowed to return to his family after fears of having to say ‘Daddy might not be able to come home’ following Trump travel ban” and there are several other reports.

This is a major embarrassment for Teresa May.

The Guardian has similar coverage: “Theresa May feels heat over travel ban as Donald Trump stands firm – Tory MPs join Labour to criticise PM’s response as condemnation of US president’s policy spreads across the world

The Chicago Tribune has this: “Trump blocks Muslim refugees, America loses a part of itself“.   The Hill reports: “McCain, Graham: Trump order may become ‘self-inflicted wound’ in terrorism fight”

The New York Times has this Op-Ed from its Editorial Board: “Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Cowardly and Dangerous” which is very strongly worded: –

Republicans in Congress who remain quiet or tacitly supportive of the ban should recognize that history will remember them as cowards.

Well said  the NYT editorial board.

The Wicked Witch Now has a Problem

ww-westminster The Evening Standard reports: “Petition calling for Donald Trump’s state visit to be banned passes 800,000 signatures”  A petition which has gathered so many signatures in such a short time is likely to be debated in Parliament and it looks as if it will have cross-party support.

By the time I added my name to the Petition, I was pleased to see that the total number of petitioners had reached 1,264,857 .

The Conservative Home blog has this selection of tweets “Conservative MPs come out against Trump’s new migration policy” but see also the comments.

The Guardian reports: “UK government faces cross-party calls for urgent debate on US travel ban – Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi and Labour’s Ed Miliband make joint demand for emergency debate on Trump directive“.   The article points out that there is good cross party support for the debate – including the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

In short, the pressure is building up to the point where the Government may have to conclude that a State Visit by Trump at this time is “inopportune”.

However, HM The Queen has welcomed more that a hundred foreign heads of state during her reign at the instance of her successive Prime Ministers and a fair number of them have been pretty obnoxious people.  Theresa May is Her Majesty’s 13th UK Prime Minister and she has had  more than 160 Prime Ministers in her different Commonwealth realms.

It is a bit early to say that Trump will prove to be quite as nasty as the late Nicolae Ceaușescu  of Romania who was invited in 1978.






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