UKIP Conference

UKIP Party Conference – Bournemouth

The UKIP Conference takes place today and tomorrow in Bournemouth.  The Conference Agenda is to be found here on the UKIP website.  UKIP conferences are notoriously shambolic so it is perhaps a bit early to assume that Diane James will indeed be the next UKIP leader.  The Daily Express (a paper close to UKIP) has this: “Amazing bid to keep Farage: Ukip members in last-ditch attempt to make sure Nigel STAYS“.

BreakFarThe Financial Times has This: “Farewell Nigel Farage and so long to Ukip as we know it – The Eurosceptic party is in the grip of an identity crisis” and also this “Next Ukip leader needs policies to make Brexit Britain great – I will build on our election manifesto — and keep a close eye on May, writes Diane James”.

The Telegraph writes “Nigel Farage insists he will support new Ukip leader but says ‘I’m not going away’” while the Guardian reports on a UKIP defection to the Conservatives: “Nigel Farage aide defects to Tories claiming a mass exodus from Ukip”.

Some think that UKIP is principally an electoral threat to the Labour Party, particularly  in the more deprived areas of the country.  See this article dated 17th August 2016 in the Independent: “Why Labour should be more worried about Ukip’s leadership battle than its own”.

In reality, UKIP and Farage pose a threat to all other parties and only one thing is certain: Whatever happens at this conference. Farage will not be going away.



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