May at the G20 = Not Going Well


Today there was a further indication that the Summer is definitely over – the Andrew Marr Show restarted on the BBC Sunday Schedule after the summer break.

The programme featured a recorded  interview of the  Prime Minister by Andrew Marr covering quite a range of issues.  Worth watching and available on the BBC I Player.

G-20 Summit

En route to China for the G20 Summit, the Prime Minister spoke to journalists – see this report in the Financial Times: “May warns of ‘difficult times ahead’ for UK economy – UK prime minister to tell world leaders at G20 meeting that Britain is ‘open for business

MayObamaG20The Telegraph had this report: – “G20 summit: US President Barack Obama says Britain was wrong to vote for Brexit” .

A similar report is published by the Financial Times: “Post-Brexit UK still at back of the queue on trade deals: Obama – US president voices his frustrations with Britain’s Brexit vote”.

The Guardian also reports from the Summit: “Theresa May joins G20 summit to face Brexit warnings from US and Japan“.  The Guardian has this from its Diplomatic Editor on the Japanese demands:  “If non-EU countries’ economic interests continue to be threatened, 15-page report may well be the first of many warning shots

The Financial Times has this: “May rejects radical shake-up of migration rules for EU citizens – Plans to retain preferential access rights to UK likely to anger Brexit supporters

Again in the Telegraph:  “G20 Summit: Theresa May ready to block Boris Johnson’s point-based migration system after Brexit

Somewhat surprisingly, the Mail has this:- “The great Brexit delusion: In a stunning rebuke to the ‘Three Brexiteers’ ex-Business Minister ANNA SOUBRY says tariff-free trade with Europe AND control of immigration is a false promise“.

Perhaps the penny is beginning to drop.

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