Teresa May’s Government

Forming a Government

TeresaMayTeresa May spent most of today, 14th June 2016, putting together her cabinet.  A provisional list of the Cabinet Minister is to be found on this page: The Teresa May Government.   This is the first stage.  In due course there will be additional lists of persons who may be asked to attend cabinet and of departmental ministers – who do not usually attend cabinet meetings.

gove2It is to be noted, that Mrs May took pains not to include persons who were particularly close to David Cameron and George Osborne (the so-called “Notting Hill set”) leading some newspapers to report this as the “the most savage cull in modern British political history”.  Perhaps, the highest profile departure from the Conservative Front Bench was the Poison Dwarf, Michael Gove, who has been replaced as Secretary of State for Justice.  So far as this blog is concerned, that was a well-deserved dismissal.

Boris3The surprise was Mrs May’s decision to appoint Clown Boris Johnson to the very important post of Foreign Secretary. This was bound to upset (i) those who voted Remain in the Referendum; (ii) a very substantial number of Europeans in the UK,  (iii) the Members of the Governments and citizens of the other 27 Members of the European Union and (iv) the officials of the EU Commission all of whom wished the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.   There have been quite a number of  expressions of disgust already.  See this report in the Daily Telegraph: “Boris Johnson ‘booed’ during his first speech as Foreign Secretary“.

Perhaps it was the Prime Minister’s design to upset as many people as possible both in the UK and in the EU by appointing this Clown to such a high profile position.


If that were indeed the PM’s strategy, then it seems to be working.  But the Financial Times has a rather more sophisticated  explanation which is well worth reading:-

Theresa May’s bold cabinet gambit on band of Brexiters – Johnson, Davis and Fox to pursue EU divorce and take blame if it goes wrong“.




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