Teresa May will be PM by Wednesday

Tory Leadership Race is Over – Teresa May will be the next Leader

May2This morning Andrea Leadsom announced her withdrawal from the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party. This happened while Teresa May was in Birmingham where she delivered a very good speech setting out her objectives for the next government – the speech is reported with a video of the speech on this BBC News page:

While Teresa May was speaking Andrea Leadsom read out to the press the letter she had sent to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee:  See this BBC report and video:  “Theresa May set to be UK PM after Andrea Leadsom quits“.

It is expected that by this evening the Conservative Party Board will confirm that the Rt Hon Teresa May MP, presently the Home Secretary,  is now the leader of the Conservative Party.

In due course, David Cameron will ask Her Majesty to accept his resignation and he will advise the Queen to invite Teresa May to form a government. David Cameron has just announced from Downing Street that the constitutional formalities will be completed by Wednesday evening and Mrs May will, as Prime Minister, set about forming her ministry.

Teresa May’s speech made it very clear that her policies will be firmly “One Nation Conservatism“.  Many of her proposals were similar to ones propounded by Milliband and show a real concern for the matters which concern ordinary people.  The impression is that this will be a very different style of Government.  And she did say that there would be “no attempts to remain inside the EU”, with no second referendum or “attempts to rejoin it by the backdoor” adding: “As prime minister, I will make sure we will leave the European Union.”

The Labour Party

Angela Eagle MP has set the Labour Leadership process in motion. See this report by the BBC:  “Labour leadership: Angela Eagle says she can unite the party”.   There is going to be a battle  over the meaning of the Labour Rulebook.  A candidate needs to have nominations from 20% of the combined Labour MP’s and MEP’s.  The question is whether this also applies to Corbyn.  He says not – doubtless because he does not have that number of supporters.  The MP’s who oppose him say otherwise.  There has been talk of lawsuits.

Brexit Issues

The Guardian has this: Brexit vote paves way for federal union to save UK, says all-party group.  The same paper has this:”Parliament should make final decision on whether to leave EU, barristers say“.  The Financial Times has:  “A British model for a post-referendum European future“(£) which is well worth reading.

It is now possible to see the letter Bindmans LLP have sent to the Government Legal Department on the Article 50 issue.  It is on this site:  Waiting for Godot.


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