Teresa May is the Favorite for PM

Party Leaderships Post Brexit

The Conservative Party has a much better process for selecting their Leader than does the Labour Party.  That is becoming increasingly apparent in this interval after the Brexit Referendum Vote.  The Conservative Party has a preliminary process in which their MPs decide which candidates they prefer in a series of ballots and then ask their Party Members to choose by postal ballot between the top two candidates. The Labour Party has a process where the Members of the Party elect the Leader and the other MPs have to put up with that choice.

The Tory Leadership Race

One of the best guides to what is going on  comes from the bookmakers.  William Hill today has these odds for the declared candidates:

Teresa May 4/11
Andrea Leadsom 3/1
Michael Gove 11/1
Stephen Crabb


Liam Fox 40/1

Another guide is a tally of which MPs have declared for each candidate and various political blogs track this.  One such is Guido Fawkes  and another is the Conservative Home  blog.

MP Support for Candidates Guido Fawkes Conservative Home
Teresa May 87 97
Andrea Leadsom 17 20
Michael Gove 18 20
Stephen Crabb 22 21
Liam Fox 9 7

The Conservative Home tally is later in date and quite a good analysis is provided in a post on the blog:  “It was May’s week. But it could be Leadsom’s weekend.

The Poison Dwarf Michael Gove

The Guido Fawkes blog suggests that some May supporters are supporting Leadsom to keep the Poison Dwarf Gove off the ballot.

One newspaper which Yes Minister’s Jim Hacker famously described as “the paper read by the wives of the the people who run the country” (the Daily Mail) has a big spread on the Tory campaign with this succinct title: “‘I wish him every possible success!’ Grumpy Boris can barely conceal his anger at Michael Gove as his supporters threaten to castrate ‘Judas’ Justice Secretary, Game of Thrones-style“.

There is no doubt that a lot of Conservatives have it in for the Poison Dwarf – and about time too.  For those minded to go behind the Torygraph Telegraph pay wall, it has this “Andrea  Leadsom wins Senior Tories’ backing to be Prime Minister to deliver Brexit – but campaign to crown Teresa May within days could thwart her bid“.  The Times meanwhile apparently still has sub-editors as well as a paywall: “Gove fights to stay in Race

The Guardian, which does not have a pay wall has this rather simple message:”Tory party leadership: support for Theresa May surges as Gove struggles“.

So far as this blog is concerned, anything which could remove the Poison Dwarf from the levers of power would be greatly welcomed.   However,  castration is not the answer. Eunuchs have been consummate political operators in many societies over the centuries.

May at Henley

Meanwhile, Teresa May was seen, with her husband,  at Henley Royal Regatta in a very suitable hat and  her campaign website is up and running.  This lady is the lead candidate to be the next Prime Minister and she is running streets ahead of the rest of the field.






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