Mrs May for PM but for Labour Who?


In a first post today, which can be found here, I expressed the view that,  while the Conservative Party is proceeding well towards the election of Mrs Teresa May as the next Conservative Leader (and therefore Prime Minister),  the election process for the Labour Party leader is much less satisfactory.

Labour’s Problem

JeremCorbyny Corbyn MP, the Leader of the Opposition is supported by a pressure group called Momentum.

This movement started in order to get Corbyn elected as leader and it has recently shown its power to call up a large crown of enthusiasts at very short notice.

There was an article in the New Statesman by Clive Lewis MP about Momentum on 8th October 2015:  “Meet Momentum: the next step in the transformation of our politics“.

On 28th June 2016, the Parliamentary Labour Party passed a motion of No Confidence in the Leader of the Opposition.  See the Guardian article of that date: “Labour MPs prepare for leadership contest after Corbyn loses confidence vote“. The Vote was 172 to 40. His front bench resigned (one having been sacked).

imagesMr Corbyn  simply refused to accept that there was a problem.  His stance was to say that he was appointed by and answerable only to the Membership, that he would not resign and if he were challenged by any MP he would stand again and would win. Word spread quickly and that day thousands of protesters rallied in Parliament Square to support, See this report in the Independent “Thousands of Jeremy Corbyn supporters march on Parliament against Labour Party leadership challenge“.

As of today, matters are still not resolved. There was a well reasoned article by John Rentoul in the Independent yesterday:-     “Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is over. The only question is when – and how“.  See this Guardian article today:  “Tom Watson calls on Labour MPs to step back from brink over leadership contest“.  Today, Angela Eagle, the ex shadow Business Secretary tried again:  See this BBC Report: “Labour leadership: Eagle in fresh appeal for Corbyn to quit“.

Sooner or later, the Party is going to have to think carefully about its relationship with Momentum aka “Rent-a-Mob”.   The Party has to get its act together in time for the new session of Parliament in September.

Parliament cannot function properly if Her Majesty’s Government is not properly and appropriately challenged by Her Majesty’s Opposition.  If there is no resolution, there is a real possibility that the Labour Party would split.

Re the Brexit Referendum Vote

Today there was a march and rally of thousands of persons in protest against the Referendum Vote: see this BBC report:  “Thousands at ‘March for Europe’ Brexit protest“.

It can certainly be argued that the whole Referendum exercise was flawed because the Leave Campaign, and in particular Johnson and Gove, misled the public on the economic issues and resorted to the vile Farage anti-immigration and migrant case because there was no way to counter the economic case for remaining in the EU.  This is a matter which will need to be considered by Parliament when it resumes in September.

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