The UKIP Virus

4 days to Referendum Day


Jo Cox MP

Both Houses of Parliament will sit today at 2.30 pm and hear  tributes to the late Jo Cox MP  there will then be a short memorial service in St Margaret’s Church – Watch on BBC Parliament.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe   Jo Cox’s Fund 

Read what Jo Cox had to say about Brexit & Immigration


BBC Poll Tracker:   45% Remain – 42% Leave – 13% – Don’t Know. 

FT Poll Tracker:      44% Remain – 44% Leave

Polls are moving back towards Remain over the last few days:-

 Date  Leave %  Remain%  Don’t Know  Pollster  Method
18 June 42 45 13 Survation Phone
17 June 43 44 13 YouGov online
17 June 44 44 12 Opinium online
16 June 44 42 14 YouGov online


William Hill:  UK Remain:  2/7 [prev 2/2]   –  UK Leave: 13/5 [prev 5/2] –  Scotland Leave: 10/1

According to Betfair betting markets have seen a 7 point swing in favour of Britain voting to stay in the EU, as momentum has shifted towards Remain three days ahead of the vote.


The FT reports that sterling has risen on the reports that the polls are running neck and neck. Pound surges as Brexit opinion polls show neck-and-neck race.

See also this Financial Times  page with information and opinion on the Referendum. The Financial Times undoubtedly has more expertise on the financial impact of a Leave Vote than does Poison Dwarf Gove, or any of his Brexit colleagues.

Other News this Morning

The former Chairman of the Conservative Party has left the Vote Leave campaign and will now support Remain.  See this BBC Report.

Top bosses, including Sir Richard Branson, the Chief Executives of the car industry, and the Chairman of the Premier League have called for a Remain vote.  BBC Story here.

Nigel Farage was on the BBC trying to defend the appalling poster which has been criticised by so many – even the Poison Dwarf.  See:  Nigel Farage: EU project doomed even if UK votes to stay.

 The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, the Defence  has written a good article arguing the case for Remain on the Conservative Home website: Michael Fallon: I’m a Eurosceptic, Conservative – and Remainer. Why I believe our security and prosperity are safer in the EU.    It argues the Remain case very convincingly, but many of the comments on it by Brexiteers show that many Conservative activists are infected with the UKIP virus.


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