A Quiet Saturday

6 days to Referendum Day

Most National Referendum Campaign Events today  have been cancelled

The Late Jo Cox MP

Jo Cox’s murderer has appeared briefly in Court to answer charges.  Asked his name he responded “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain” which may be  a good indicator of the state of his mental health.  He was not asked to plead at this stage and was remanded in custody.

The House of Commons has been recalled and on Monday tributes will be paid to the deceased.

Joe’s husband, Brendan, has been interviewed -see the Guardian: Mainstream politicians ‘clueless on migration debate’ says Joe Cox’s husband.

Perhaps the greatest contribution we could make to the memory of Jo Cox would be to remember that on the day of her death she was scheduled to encourage people to vote “Remain” in the Referendum.  Perhaps we should do just that.


15 Jun  Leave:  51%  Remain:  41%  DK:   9% – BMG         – on-line  – 10% difference

15 Jun  Leave:  43%  Remain:  46%  DK:  11% – BMG         – phone – 3% difference

15 Jun  Leave:  45%  Remain:  42%  DK:  13% – Survation – phone – 3% difference

14 Jun  Leave:  49% Remain:  43%   DK:  8%     Ipsos-Mori – phone – 6% difference

An online poll gives a 10% difference. 2 phone polls give only a 3% difference and another a day earlier gives a 6% difference.  One rather suspects that  the result is too close to call and might even depend on whether or not it is raining on polling day.  What a way to take an important decision!


William Hill:  UK Remain 1/2, UK Leave 8/5, Scotland Leave 10/1

What The Papers are saying

New York Times –  Brexit Would Be a Colossal Blunder

The Financial TimesBritain should vote to stay in the EU

The TimesRemaking Europe – “Remain” should be a vote for continued access to the single market and more British influence over it.

The Daily Mail –  Britain would be ‘less attractive’ for my cash after Brexit, world’s richest man Bill Gates warns after spending $1BILLION here

The Guardian –  Paused EU referendum debate to resume, but with a more respectful tone


The Conservative Home blog has posted this:  Jeremy Brier: The lesson of the last few weeks – no more of these divisive, ugly, undecent referenda, please

It’s not  such a bad argument.  We elect politicians to control what the Government gets up to.  We do not have referenda on declaring war and we don’t generally have them on signing treaties.  Why this one?

The answer is, of course, that this referendum is in reality an attempt to resolve a split in the Conservative party.  A minority of Conservatives do want the UK to leave the EU.  But they don’t have the necessary votes to win their argument, when within the party or within Parliament.    We know already that 75% of the Members of Parliament wish the UK to remain in the EU and only 25% support a vote to Leave.

So tomorrow is another day and campaigning is expected to resume.



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