Britain Stronger in Europe

Referendum – 23 days to go

If you are not registered to vote – you must register by 7th June 2016

You can register on line – click here

FT Poll Tracker: Remain 46% – Leave 40% 

William Hill Odds:  Remain: 1/5  Leave: 7/2 – long shot:  Scotland Vote Leave: 10/1

It was good to see David Cameron (Prime Minister)  and Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) campaigning together for the Remain Vote at the launch of the Britain Stronger in Europe battle bus. The Mayor said:   “There are many things on which the prime minister and I will disagree. cameronkhanBut what’s really important is when it’s in Londoners’ interests for the mayor and the government to work closely together, we will work closely together.”   He went on to say:  “More than half a million jobs” in London depend on the UK’s membership of the EU, adding: “A vote for Remain means jobs and opportunities.  Staying in the EU means more measures to fight climate change, workers’ rights protected and more rights for women.” He urged young people to get involved in the referendum and register to vote.

The Prime Minister said:  “I’m proud to be here with the Mayor of London – with the Labour Mayor of London – on this vital, vital issue.”  He hailed the fact that “someone who is a proud Muslim, a proud Brit and a proud Londoner can become mayor of the greatest city on Earth. “That says something about our country”.  The Prime Minister  said he expected many disagreements with the London Mayor but they were both part of an incredibly broad campaign in favour of EU membership.

The two men unveiled a “five point guarantee card” listing what voters will get if they vote to Remain on 23 June.  The card promises “full access” to the EU single market, protection of workers’ rights, “a safer Britain” with co-operation with other EU states, the UK keeping its “special status” within the EU, outside the euro and the Schengen passport-free area and with an opt-out from the EU’s aim of “ever-closer union” and “stability”.

Let’s hope this at last marks the start of an effective Remain campaign.

britain-eu-politics It’s been bad enough seeing the UKIP bus driving around the Country blaring out the music from the Great Escape much to the annoyance of the Composer’s family.  [Peter and Greg Bernstein said in a statement to The Observer newspaper: “Our father would never have allowed UKIP to use his music because he would have strongly opposed the party’s nativism and thinly disguised bigotry].

Brexit BusBut to make matters worse, for some time now we have seen the Brexit Bus (complete with Boris the Tory Traitor and his familiars) spreading the Tory Traitor version of Brexit propaganda much of which is highly questionable and the Remain campaign is only now getting into the battle for hearts and minds.

Who knows how all this is going to pan out.    What is certain is that there are those within the Conservative Party who are determined to oust David Cameron – whatever happens.  See this report by the political correspondent of the Guardian:  Conservative party turmoil escalates with open call for Cameron to quit.  In essence,  a great deal of political turbulence is likely to follow this Referendum – no matter what the result may be.









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