Senior Citizens & Brexit

Referendum – 25 days to go

If you are not registered to vote – you must register by 7th June 2016

You can register on line – click here

BBC Poll Tracker: Remain 44% – Leave 38% – Don’t Know 18%

William Hill Odds:  Remain: 1/6 Leave: 4/1 – for a long shot:  Scotland Vote Leave: 10/1

Senior Citizens and Brexit

Euro-Ref_INFOG-SAGA_240516_FINALI live in one of those London boroughs which is split down the middle between a Labour voting Inner London half in the South and a Tory voting Home County half to the North.

The  people of my age in the southern half  often have to go  to the north side – for example to visit  outpatient clinics at a local hospital where we have time on our hands in the waiting areas.

Of late the chit-chat has been on the subject of this referendum.  It seems that many of my group intend to  vote according to their party affiliation. One disabled lady told us  that she always votes Labour but that she tells the Conservative canvassers that she is going to vote for them.  She explained:  “that way they send a car to take me to the polling station which means it can’t be used to take someone who might vote for the Tories!

A rather cross retired bank manager  on the same post CABG course that I am taking said:  “It is a disgrace that people like us are being asked to vote on a matter which is way outside our expertise.  I think I shall vote “Remain” but it is a disgrace that this question has been put to a referendum as a sop to UKIP-leaning members of my  party. I believe in democracy but a parliamentary democracy.  Plebiscites produce dictators”.

Another lady said that she had usually voted Conservative – especially for nice Michael Portillo – but she was minded to vote “Leave” because she thought Boris Johnson was nice.  She was worried about Michael Gove. “He’s a nasty piece of work”, she said.

Someone else said  “How clever of Boris to weigh up all the options before deciding which was best  for his career.”   He was quite shocked when I told him that dear Boris had been concocting Brexit evidence at the expense of GLC Tax payers while he was Mayor of London.

Saga Referendum Survey

Many pensioners  are involved with Saga – for the holiday brochures, the travel insurance plans, the UK breaks and very much else.  Saga conducted a Saga Populus poll of 8,650 over 50’s earlier this month.  The figures show that the over 50’s are much more likely to vote in the Referendum –  93% of over 50’s will vote but only 76% for the 18-49 group.   While a majority will vote to Remain in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, a majority of English over 50’s intend to vote Leave, particularly in the 60-80+ bands and among men rather than women.

Pensioners Should Vote Remain

We obtain many benefits from membership of the EU.  We can travel and go to live in warmer climes.  We get reciprocal health benefits.  We can get local social assistance on the same terms.  And we should think of our grandchildren.  They will enjoy freedoms and opportunities we did not have.  No more “Fog in the Channel – the Continent is cut off“.



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