BBC Poll Tracker: Remain 44% – Leave 38% – Don’t Know 14%

William Hill Odds:  UK Remain: 1/6 UK  Leave: 4/1  Scotland Vote Leave: 10/1

By the Way

The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons has just published a devastating report on the state of our Criminal Justice System.  Just about every lawyer in the system can confirm this and the situation of the Civil Justice System is just as bad.  Why is this relevant to the upcoming referendum?   Simple. The principal  Gove3idiot responsible for this state of affairs  is  the  Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove who has been far too busy with the Eurosceptic Vote Leave campaign.   It was a terrible mistake to combine the ancient office of Lord Chancellor, whose  role goes back to a time before the Norman Conquest in 1066  with that of Secretary of State for Justice.  It should revert  (without any judicial function) to the House of Lords.   All that the combining of the office with the Secretariat of State for Justice has achieved is to enable Gove (aka the Poison Dwarf)  who (thank God) is not a lawyer and still less a Judge,  to ponce about in the robes of one of the most ancient offices of  state.


As of today the Civil Service “purdah” rules relating to the referendum campaign period come into effect.  The Treasury got a last “project fear” announcement just under the wire with a warning that millions of current and future pensioners will be worse off if the UK leaves the European Union.  The Treasury analysis suggests that Brexit would cause inflation to rise, eroding the value of state pension increases, costing recipients £137 a year.   According to the report those with an additional pension pot worth £60,000 would see its value drop by £1,900.   The Treasury people are probably right. Whether it was necessary for this to go out at the last minute before the deadline must be questionable. Old age pensioners (and your writer is one) know only too well what inflation can do to what we have to live on.

EU for Pensioners

retiring-to-spain-770x370Most of us pensioners know the benefits we obtain from citizenship of the European Union – including freedom to travel and to reside anywhere in the EU.  We know how we benefit from the European Health Insurance Card and how it can be supplemented by insurance cover.  We can get some local social security benefits.  And the cost of living can be significantly cheaper.  Seniors are in many ways better treated in some EU states than in the UK.

By and large it would be madness for us pensioners to Vote Leave even if we only take a trip abroad in the EU once or twice a year.


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