Boris & the Bus

Yesterday’s FT story by Sebastian Payne was headed: “Brexit Breakdown – a week dominated by Boris Johnson“.   It’s well worth reading and  Team Cameron will not enjoy the  observation that at times the tour has looked like an early incarnation of a  “Boris for Prime Minister campaign bus“.

Boris is a charlatan but his “upper class bumbling twit” TV persona has endeared him to the great British public.  Perhaps the Remain Campaign could persuade the League of Gentlemen to do a skit on Boris Johnson entering the Local Shop for Local People in Royston Vasey.

It was good to see Keith Vaz debunking Priti Patel about the Curry House issue.  I hope the poor Ms Priti takes note.

The latest telephone poll puts Remain on 55% and Leave on 37% and better still it seems that the betting shops are lengthening the odds on Leave – which may be an even more accurate predictor than the polls.






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