State Opening of Parliament

After the welcome intervention of  Lord Heseltine, it is possible that people, including Conservatives, are beginning to understand, that dear Boris has gone too far.

Meanwhile, over on the Conservative Home blog,  Paul Goodman, the quondam MP for High Wycombe, has already been blogging about potential ministerial changes after the Referendum.  In his proposed “Unity Reshuffle“, Gove would become Deputy PM and dear Boris would get the Home Office with Teresa May going to the Treasury and Osborne the Foreign Office.  It must be questionable whether Cameron would survive a “Leave” result and if the result were “Remain“,  then why should anyone be rewarded for opposing the PM’s policy.

Gove is a poison dwarf (in the Urban Dictionary sense) and he has already done enough damage in his present office  to merit something less demanding.  Since he is a Scot, perhaps a move to Secretary of State for Scotland would be in order – but only on condition that the Scottish Office be relocated to a depressed area of Scotland.   As for dear Boris,  if some office is called for, which is doubtful, then perhaps as a junior minister in the Department of Culture, Media & Sport – with special responsibility for circuses and clowns.

For once, the State Opening was  bit of a damp squib.  There was very much an impression that this was going through the motions while awaiting the outcome of the Referendum, but at least the speeches of the Mover and Seconder of the Loyal Address were worthwhile.

UKIP Welsh Assembly Member, Neil Hamilton made his maiden speech in the Welsh  Assembly referring to two lady members as “political concubines in Carwyn Jones’ harem”.   I doubt that will endear him to the ladies of Wales.



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