Boris for Leave


It was really rather sickening to hear Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson speaking for the Leave Campaign.   Given dear Boris’s somewhat cosmopolitan ethnicity one might think of dear Boris as a typical European rather than as typically British.

Dear Boris has, of course, turned himself into a TV personality on “Have I Got News For You” and other TV shows and he comes over as a bumbling upper-class twit.  Many viewers, and indeed electors, like that.  But while this endears him to many Conservatives,  a better evaluation may be that of his former editor, Max Hastings:-

The selection of Boris Johnson… confirms the Tory Party’s increasing weakness for celebrity personalities over the dreary exigencies of politics. Johnson, for all his gifts, is unlikely to grace any future Tory cabinet. Indeed, he is not known for his excessive interest in serious policy matters”. .. To maintain his funny man reputation he will no doubt find himself refining his Bertie Wooster interpretation to the point where the impersonation becomes the man.”

To hear dear Boris equating the EU to the Third Reich was not nice,  but while in Brussels for the Daily Telegraph, other journalists were critical of his reports, feeling that they were often dishonest and contained untruths designed to discredit Jacques Delors and the Commission.  So in one respect, nothing much has changed.

One wonders whether dear Boris has embraced the Brexit campaign in a bid to supplant David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party.  Thank God for John Major who has severely criticised the principal Conservative Brexiteers including dear Boris.

It is only to be hoped that great and good in the Conservative Party will have some regard to John Major and keep dear Boris well away from from the machinery of government.





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