Local Elections 5-7 May 2016

On  5th May 2016, I went along to vote in the London Mayoral elections and then I went shopping to get some snacks to sustain me for the long session before the TV watching the results come in.

The BBC had scheduled a session of Question Time prior to the results coming in and I was pleased to see that the pro Brexit spokesman was Nigel Lawson.  I really cannot conceive of any person more likely to persuade viewers to vote Remain in the coming referendum.

At some point during the results I fell asleep.  But, all in all, I think Labour did better than it deserved.  No doubt  Conservatives will be pleased with their success in Scotland.  Some early signs of revival of the Liberal Democrats were good news.

Counting in the London Mayoral Election did not start until 6th May 2016 but I was pleased eventually to see that Sadiq Khan is now Mayor of London.  I occasionally lurk on the Conservative Home blog and, for once, I agree with Tim Montgomerie that Zac Goldsmith lost at least in part because he followed the Crosby-Textor-Fullbrook playbook.

There is little doubt that Brexit will not be good for London.  So I hope that our new Mayor will play his part in supporting the Remain camp.

But the real fun of this round has been the arrival of two former Tories as UKIP members of the Welsh Assembly: Reckless Mark and Neil Hamilton.  Stephen Kinnock MP, the Labour MP for Aberavon does not seem too concerned according to this article in the Huffington Post.    I recall that when Hamilton was a Conservative MP before his disgrace, he was a strong advocate for closure of the pits.  That should endear him to the Welsh.


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